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Nasturtium Seeds, Empress of India


Nasturtium seeds are so easy to grow! This unique nasturtium, Empress of India, has a deep crimson color and dark round leaves. Create beautiful garden spaces and planters with this exotic and easy to grow flower. Nasturtium is often used as a beneficial flower in the garden—its edible leaves, flowers, and seeds are also known for

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Nasturtium, Tom Thumb Mix


This smaller variety of Nasturtium produces a compact plant with blooms of many colors. Nasturtiums can be eaten for their spicy mustard green flavor, used as a beneficial flower, and more.

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Nasturtium Seeds, Dwarf Jewel Mix


Dwarf Jewel is a smaller variety of nasturtium that produces a compact plant with abundant blooms of many colors. Nasturtium is often used as a beneficial flower in the garden—its edible leaves, flowers, and seeds are also known for their culinary qualities!

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Garlic Seed, Inchelium Red Softneck Variety


Nothing tastes better than garlic from your own garden! Fresh and strong flavor is easy to achieve with our certified organic, disease-free garlic seeds!

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Geek Out


Micro-Greens Info: Micro-greens are sprouted plants eaten in their very young state.  Research has shown they are more nutritious and great for growing in small spaces. In fact, some research shows, Micro-greens are four- to 40-fold more concentrated with nutrients than their mature counterparts. Learn more

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Plant Life cycles Gardening Terms at a Glance Annual: A plant that only lives for a single season. During this season the plant carries out it's complete biological process. That process involves, living, flowering, going to seed and then dying. Biennial: A flowering plant that takes two years to


Juice it!


We LOVE to juice! Look for us in the upcoming Winter Beverage issue of Edible San Diego discussing the best veggies to grow for fresh juice. Not only is it exceptionally nutritious, juicing is a great way to use up your bumper crops. We even juice other less desirable

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Edible Flower Seeds


Brighten Your Garden with Edible Flower Seeds! San Diego Seed Company believes that flowers are a necessity to every garden and our edible flower seeds help you accomplish that goal. They provide much more than just aesthetics of color, texture and aroma. We also recommend adding flowers

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Our History And Quality


Who is San Diego Seed Company? In 2010, when owner Brijette Peña came to the stark conclusion that few companies were producing regionally adapted seeds for Southern California climates, she took an oath. An oath to produce organic, regionally adapted seeds that gardeners, farmers and market growers could depend

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