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Crackerjack Mix Marigold Seed


This annual is open-pollinated with flowers from yellow to orange. A wonderful border plant for gardens as it attracts beneficial insects and deters garden pests with its strong fragrance. Deadhead spent flowers to prolong the bloom season.

Crackerjack Mix Marigold Seed2021-01-27T20:41:51-08:00

Sweet Lunchbox Pepper Mix


Our sweet lunchbox mix peppers are perfect for snacking! These sweet and crunchy peppers are the perfect size for tossing in your lunch bag for a healthy snack.  Red and orange peppers are about 2-3" long and irresistibly tasty!

Sweet Lunchbox Pepper Mix2021-03-04T00:01:21-08:00

Merlot Pepper Seeds


These deep purple Merlot bell peppers are vigorous and disease-resistant. Impress your friends and family with these beauties! Use shade cloth during hottest parts of the year to prevent damage from sunscald.

Merlot Pepper Seeds2021-03-03T08:35:44-08:00

Yolo Pepper Seeds


Yolo bell pepper is a large blocky variety of bell pepper that has been improved for decades! A great bell pepper for stuffing and eating fresh. Large upright plants have heavy foliage to protect them from sunscold. If sunscald does occur; use shade cloth during hottest parts of the year to prevent damage.

Yolo Pepper Seeds2021-03-03T16:03:55-08:00

Growing Kale


Growing Kale Growing kale is super easy and can provide you and your family with tons of nutrient-dense food in a small space. There are so many varieties of kale in different colors, shapes, and flavors. One thing they all have in common, kale is a very easy crop to grow, even

Growing Kale2021-01-30T21:02:44-08:00

Organic Red Ruffled Pimiento Pepper Seeds


Red Ruffled Pimiento pepper seeds are delicious and productive! Stocky plants produce an abundance of 4-5" wide pimiento peppers. When fully ripe, these sweet pimiento peppers turn a gorgeous scarlet red color. Scalloped edges make a beautiful presentation for your culinary masterpieces!

Organic Red Ruffled Pimiento Pepper Seeds2021-03-03T09:02:06-08:00