How to Grow Lettuce from Seed

How to Grow Lettuce from Seed

How to Grow Lettuce from Seed Growing lettuce from seed in your garden is rewarding and super easy! With our pro tips and tricks, you will understand how to grow lettuce from seed, when to harvest lettuce at the correct … Read More

Organic Red Sails Lettuce Seeds

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red sails lettuce

Red Sails Lettuce seed produces beautiful, delicate red and green heads of lettuce that are great for harvesting as whole heads or cutting for loose leaf. We fell in love with Red Sails lettuce and carry this seed because it outproduced many other similar heirloom varieties in our on-farm trials. Red Sails lettuce is mild, delicate, and beautiful! This variety is slow to bolt and can hold up in the unusually warm spring and fall months of Southern California.

Little Gem Lettuce Seeds

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Little Gem Lettuce Seed produces the cutest little butterhead lettuces with the qualities of romaine lettuce. Almost single-serve in size, these crunchy and buttery lettuces are great for small spaces. They do great in containers and can be succession planted for fresh lettuce all season long.


Great Lakes Lettuce Seeds

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Great Lakes lettuce seed produces crisp, sweet, and crunchy iceberg lettuce heads that are NOTHING like those from the store. Honestly, most people say iceberg has no flavor, but not when they are eating this variety. It’s our favorite iceberg lettuce, grows well into the warmer months of the spring and can be planted early in the warm months of the fall.


Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce Seeds

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Marvel of four Seasons

Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce seed produces beautiful red and green lettuce that is extremely succulent and buttery. We trialed Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce seed on our farm in the fall of 2019 and we were thrilled with its beauty, resistance, and flavor. All-around fantastic lettuce that is so beautiful in the garden, it may be hard to pick it!


Organic Jericho Lettuce Seeds

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jericho lettuce

Jericho romaine lettuce was bred in Israel resulting in amazing qualities that are great for Southern California growers. Jericho romaine lettuce is heat tolerant, easy to grow, and does well in our hot falls and winters.

Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce Seeds

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Paris Island Cos Romaine

This heirloom variety of romaine lettuce has strong attributes suitable for both commercial growing and backyard gardening.  Enjoy perfectly shaped romaine leaves and crisp, juicy flavor!

Organic Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce Seeds

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Black Seeded Simpson is classic lettuce with great cultivation and eating qualities. Ruffled leaves are tender and delicately flavored. For more than 150 years this lettuce has been a favorite.

Organic Salad Bowl Mix Lettuce Seeds

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salad bowl

Can’t decide on a lettuce? This mix is perfect for your salad bowl! These delicious red and green lettuces are ideal for every grower. Use the “cut and come again” method to enjoy production all season. Simply cut the lettuce 2″ above the ground and watch it regrow!


Organic Amaze Lettuce Seeds

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Amaze lettuce is amazing! This dark leaf variety is a reliable producer in Southern California winters that fluctuate from mild and cool to extreme heat!

Organic Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds

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Buttercrunch Lettuce

A crispy favorite, Buttercrunch Bibb Butterhead lettuce provides gardeners with succulent salad greens that melt like butter. A personal favorite on the farm, we love the sweet buttery hearts on these lettuce heads. Buttercrunch Bibb Butterhead lettuce is a reliable producer with disease-resistant qualities and outstanding flavor.

Organic Freckles Lettuce Seeds

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Freckles Lettuce

A tender romaine favorite, Freckles lettuce provides gardeners with succulent leaves of lettuce that can be picked as needed. Both heat and bolt resistant, it is ideal for growing in Southern California and the American Southwest.

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Organic Dragon Carrot Seeds

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carrot, dragon

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