Indian Spring Mix Hollyhock Seeds

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These old-fashioned hollyhocks grow tall stalks of 8-10 feet with beautiful blooms of pink, rose, white, and salmon. The tall blooming spires make for impressive showstoppers and screens in the garden. These plants should be planted in full sun and not allowed to shade other plants that need full sun in the garden. Hollyhocks will bloom the first year from seed if planted early in spring or late winter in mild climates. If planted later, they will bloom the following summer.

Ice Queen Zinnia Seeds

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Ice Queen Zinnia is a gorgeous cut flower. White to pale pink outer petals surround rose-colored inner petals creating a dramatic frost-kissed appearance—an excellent choice for pollinator and butterfly gardens!

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Polka Dot Mix Cornflower Seeds

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Cornflower is an old fashioned flower that makes for great cut flowers! Pollinators love the flowers too! This mix contains a hand-selected mix of dwarf cornflower varieties that only grow 24″ tall, making them ideal for small gardens or containers. Attract bees and butterflies with this beautiful mix of pink, red, white, and blue blooms!

Old Fashioned Foxglove Seeds

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Foxgloves are an old fashioned flower for pollinator and cut flower gardens. These beautiful flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and birds. When planting foxglove seeds, place seeds on top of the soil as they require light to germinate. All parts of … Read More

Miss Jekyll Nigella Seeds

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This unusual looking flower is artful with unique blooms and seed pods. Seeds should be planted close to the surface of the soil as light helps them germinate. Nigella is a great cut flower and also dries well.

Envy Zinnia Seeds

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This chartreuse green zinnia is a showstopper in the garden. Bright, lime green blooms contrast wonderfully with other colors in the garden. Zinnias are great cut flowers and attract beneficial insects, birds, and pollinators to the garden. On our farm, the western swallowtail butterfly loves our zinnias!

Organic Edible Red Leaf Amaranth Seeds

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Red Leaf Amaranth, also called Chinese Spinach, is a beautiful addition to your garden and is and tasty too! The leaves are eaten just like spinach, raw or cooked. What is most impressive is that they keep their color when cooked.

Cactus Mix Zinnia Seeds

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This variety of zinnia produces rare and highly sought after blooms. Flowers produce ruffled thin petals on unique blooms in a wide range of colors. The flowers can be quite large, reaching 4-5″ across when planted in fertile soil.


Dahlia Mix Zinnia Seeds

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This beautiful flower is a summer annual that produces large ruffled blooms of different colors. As the name suggests, the blooms of this Zinnia variety are similar to that of Dahlias. Produces semi-double and double blooms that make a bold statement in the garden or as a cut flower.

Color Mix Morning Glory Seeds

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Morning Glory vines are aggressive growers and should be placed in a spot where they can grow freely. Great for fences, trellises, and arbors, these beautiful blooms will cover the structure in no time!

Organic Color Mix Amaranth Seeds

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Can’t choose between our Orange and Burgundy Amaranth? Get them both in this custom mix that your garden and the birds will love! This custom mix of Amaranth seeds produces breathtaking plants with tall spikes of deep Burgundy or Orange. Edible leaves and seeds (grain).

Organic Orange Amaranth Seeds

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This breathtaking plant makes a striking addition to your garden. Tall plants produce large stalks of orange plumes. These plants are sure to add a conversation piece to any garden.