Blanket Flower Gaillardia Seeds

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Gaillardias are wonderful plants that produce massive amounts of starry blooms in variations of colors. Planting Gaillardia in the garden will add a kaleidoscope of color that bees and beneficial insects will love.


Organic Emerald Fan Lettuce Seeds

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Emerald Fan Lettuce

Emerald Fan lettuce combines the loose-leaf qualities of butterhead with the juicy crunch, upright growing habit, and heat tolerance of romaine lettuce. Great for salads or as a gourmet garnish on your favorite sandwiches.

Organic Lollo Rossa Dark Lettuce Seeds

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lollo rossa dark lettuce

Lollo Rossa Dark Lettuce is a stunner in the garden! Tightly curled leaves with dark magenta edges add bright color, bold texture, and mild flavor to your salad bowl. A compact Italian loose leaf variety.

Carosello Leccese Cucumber Seeds

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Carosello Leccese Cucumber

Carosello Leccese cucumber is a specialty cucumber from the Leccese region of Southern Italy. This ancient cucumber is an Italian heirloom you won’t find in any grocery store! Our Striped Carosello Lecesse cucumber is crisp with dark stripes and a mildly sweet flavor.

Organic Panisse Lettuce Seeds

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panise lettuce

Panisse lettuce is a frilly oak leaf variety with lime green leaves that are as impressive in the garden as they are to eat! These seeds were trialed and produced on our organic seed farm.

Organic Corvair Spinach Seeds

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spinach, corvair

This hybrid spinach is quick-growing and ready in only 27 days! Upright plants are easy to harvest and have disease resistance. Corvair spinach is slow bolting; great for planting from fall through spring for growers in Zones 9 and 10.

Growing Beets

growing beets

Growing Beets Beets are a perfect crop for the backyard or small-scale grower. They are easy to grow (with our tips and tricks), can thrive in small spaces, and are best tasting when fresh from the garden. Growing beets is … Read More

How to Grow Lettuce from Seed

How to Grow Lettuce from Seed

How to Grow Lettuce from Seed Growing lettuce from seed in your garden is rewarding and super easy! With our pro tips and tricks, you will understand how to grow lettuce from seed, when to harvest lettuce at the correct … Read More

Organic Spacemaster Cucumber Seeds

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Spacemaster cucumber is a productive compact bush variety with 2-3′ vines—ideal for growing in containers and small spaces! This delicious slicer cucumber is excellent fresh and pickled. Think you don’t have room to grow cucumbers? Think again!

Lizard Spinach Seeds

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Lizard spinach is great for warm spring gardens! Slow to bolt, dark leafy greens are compact and so tasty! Excellent regrowth makes for good cut-and-come-again growing. This hybrid is resistant to powdery mildew and is an all-around all-star producer. 

Kolibri Spinach Seeds

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Kolibri spinach

Kolibri is semi-savory spinach that was a knockout on our farm! This vigorous growing hybrid spinach with downy mildew resistance is a must for spinach lovers looking to grow a bountiful harvest in Zones 9 and 10.

Kookaburra Spinach Seeds

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Kookaburra is a fast-growing hybrid spinach well suited for warmer climates! Semi-savory with disease resistance and great flavor. We loved growing this spinach on our farm from fall until spring. Harvest often for heavy bounties! Spinach enjoys frequent watering in warm weather. Protect with row cover if temperatures are high or a freeze is expected.