Scarlet Flax Seeds

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scarlet Flax

Scarlet Flax seeds produce masses of 1-inch crimson red flowers that bloom prolifically from mid-summer through fall. Plants go from seed to flower in just 55 days! Hardy and drought-tolerant, Scarlet Flax can tolerate heat, poor soil, and partial shade.

Organic Blue Flax Seeds

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Blue Flax is both beautiful and useful! It’s used to make linen fabrics, and the seeds are used to make flax meal. Flax is a tall and skinny plant that can be grown in the background of other ornamentals or in the veggie garden.

Pollinator Plants

Pollinator bee on flower

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Fall Vegetables to Grow

Cool Season Vegetables

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Fall Gardening in Southern California

fall gardening

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Jing Orange Okra Seeds

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Jing Orange Okra seeds produce colorful spineless okra great for cooking. These orange pods are as striking as they are versatile. Cooks can use them in stews, stir-fries, pickle them and fry them. The pods on the Jing Orange Okra are best when harvested at 5-6″ in length.


Southwest Wildflower Seed Mix

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The Southwest Wildflower mix is a wonderful way to fill in areas of your garden that you don’t typically cultivate. This mix is chosen specifically for the American Southwest with a focus on beautiful blooming flowers that will feed the pollinators and your soul!

Spineless Mix Okra Seeds

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This custom Okra mix contains several of our favorite spineless varieties! We selected these varieties for their excellent flavor and similar growth habits.