Organic Green Finger Cucumber Seeds

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Green Finger is a productive gourmet bush variety cucumber that can be grown with or without a trellis. An excellent slicer variety, this burpless Persian cucumber has thin, dark green skin and fewer seeds. It is juicy and sweet to eat.

Organic Mark it 8 Dude Cucumber Seeds

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During our summer trials and breeding of 2019, we crossed two popular varieties of cucumbers. Marketmore and Straight 8. From this cross came our hilariously named cucumber, Mark it, 8 Dude.

Organic Muncher Cucumber Seeds

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This Muncher cucumber variety produces loads of small cucumbers that can be eaten fresh or pickled. A perfect snacking cucumber that is not likely to even make it to the kitchen!

Organic Tendergreen Cucumber Seeds

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This flavorful and smooth slicing cucumber produces loads of cucumbers for you to enjoy! Tendergreen cucumber fruits are smooth (burpless) and sweet. No need to peel the fruit!

Organic Armenian Cucumber Seeds

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Armenian cucumber is a favorite that has been cultivated for hundreds of years! Heavily ribbed and up to 20″ inches long, it can be grown on any trellis or fence.

National Pickling Cucumber Seeds

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This cucumber is grown for pickle lovers with high yield and early fruits. Dark green fruit can be picked from small to the largest at 5″-6″ inches. Resistant to scab and cucumber mosaic virus.

Lemon Cucumber Seeds

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Lemon cucumbers break out of the ordinary with round yellow fruit that is sweet and tender. Excellent in salads or just slicing and munching! Normal-sized vines yield heavily for an extended amount of time.

Organic Genovese Basil Seeds

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Our Genovese Basil has a flavor similar to that of Italian or Genovese basil but with a stunning dark purple color. Basil should be grown with proper spacing for the most robust plant. Pinch off flowers to keep the plant in a vegetative state and get the most foliage you can! Once it has gone to flower, let the beneficial insects enjoy it.



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Empress of India Nasturtium Seeds

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This exotic and easy to grow Nasturtium has a deep crimson color and dark round leaves. Nasturtium are a beautiful must-have in the veggie garden, both in beds and containers, and are easy to directly sow. They require little care but are happiest when grown in the cooler months with ample moisture. Flowers and leaves are edible with a flavor similar to arugula.