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Calypso Cilantro Seed


This variety of cilantro is bulky and full of the tasty foliage you love!  Cilantro grows best in the coolest months of the year in Southern California.  Continual harvest will slow its desire to go to flower.  Allow beneficial insects to enjoy the plant once it goes to flower.  Use shade cloth to extend the

Calypso Cilantro Seed2021-02-26T20:42:14-08:00

Organic Slow Bolt Cilantro Seed


This cilantro variety is strong and pungent with slow bolting characteristics perfect for San Diego. It will continue to produce throughout the season if allowed to reseed.

Organic Slow Bolt Cilantro Seed2021-03-03T16:03:53-08:00

Organic Sabor Cilantro


Sabor Cilantro is a slow bolting variety with finer stems and milder flavor than our Leisure variety. You will fall in love with cilantro after growing this variety. This seed was grown and selected for drought and heat tolerance on our San Diego certified organic farm.

Organic Sabor Cilantro2021-02-08T14:36:53-08:00

Organic Tepary Bush Bean Seeds


Tepary beans are a semi bush legume that has a long history in the southwestern United States. Native peoples have grown these beans since the pre-Columbian times. Tepary beans are more drought-tolerant than the common garden bean and resistant to many bean diseases.

Organic Tepary Bush Bean Seeds2021-01-26T17:29:50-08:00

Geek Out


Micro-Greens Info: Micro-greens are sprouted plants eaten in their very young state.  Research has shown they are more nutritious and great for growing in small spaces. In fact, some research shows, Micro-greens are four- to 40-fold more concentrated with nutrients than their mature counterparts. Learn more

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Garlic Chive Seeds


A perennial herb, Garlic Chives are essential to every home garden in Zones 3-10. This onion-flavored plant can be cut to flavor salads, potatoes, and soups. It can be successfully grown indoors. Start early indoors or outdoors after the danger of frost. Chive flowers also add flavor and color to recipes.

Garlic Chive Seeds2021-02-04T16:18:59-08:00

Gardening 101


What's your Skill Level? New to seed starting? We can help! Shop Now Gardening Quick Start Guide How to Start a Home Vegetable Garden Edible and Companion Flowers Perennialization Succession Planting Soil and Health Integrated Pest Management Chose from our

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Why Are Local Seeds So Important? Not too often, unfortunately, do you hear about the important role that local seeds play in sustainable agriculture. By producing local seeds (seeds that are produced in the very place that they are intended to be grown), the