Borage Seeds

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Borage is a beautiful flowering plant with a wide range of uses. Borage flowers and leaves are edible, the bees love the plant, and it can grow in most microclimates of Southern California. If you are not growing borage in your garden, you are missing out!

Organic Chioggia Beet Seeds

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An Italian heirloom variety, the Chioggia beet is beautiful with an excellent sweet flavor. Its sliced roots reveal a gorgeous bulls-eye pattern of alternating white and pinkish-red rings. Like all beets, you can plant this root crop year-round in many Southern California gardens.

Organic Rainbow Chard Seeds

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Rainbow chard is a wonderful crop for Southern California. This high-producing, versatile green grows prolifically during the cooler months of the year and beyond. Pick outer leaves frequently without disturbing the roots for continuous harvest. Avoid overhead watering to prevent foliar diseases.

Edible Flowers to Enjoy From Your Garden

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Fall Planting

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Fall Vegetables to Grow

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Fall Gardening in Southern California

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Growing Kale

Growing kale is super easy and can provide you and your family with tons of nutrient-dense food in a small space. There are so many varieties of kale in different colors, shapes, and flavors. One thing they all have in … Read More

Organic Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds

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A classic beet with deep red color. Beets are best when grown in light soils that allow them to form their root easily. Compost can help improve your soil structure. If good, light soil is unavailable, grow in a container filled with a light potting mix!

Premier Kale Seeds

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Premier kale produces massive amounts of dark greens for your family to enjoy. This shorter kale variety is great for containers or raised beds. Keep garden areas weed-free for best plant production. Watch for leaf-eating caterpillars when plants are young. Spray plants with an organic product or use row cover for pest control.

Carmel Spinach Seeds

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This hybrid spinach is extremely quick-growing, ready in only 25 days! Upright plants are easy to harvest and have disease resistance. Carmel is a great choice for market growers or those who use tons of spinach in the kitchen.

Heirloom Sweet Pea Seed Mix

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This Sweet Pea mix contains all the favorite old-time sweet pea varieties. Selected for the most vibrant and fragrant blooms, this mix will not disappoint. Sweet peas make great cut flowers and can be planted in the fall in mild climates. In colder zones, sweet peas should be started inside and transplanted out after the danger of frost has passed.

Knee High Sweet Pea Seed Mix

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This sweet pea mix is a semi-dwarf variety that is bushy with a wide range of colors and hues. Great for growing in containers! These fragrant and long-lasting cut flowers can be planted in the fall in mild climates and left to overwinter until they bloom in spring. In colder zones, sweet peas should be started inside and transplanted out after the danger of frost has passed.

Duganski Hardneck Garlic Seeds

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Nothing tastes better than garlic from your own garden! Our disease-free garlic seeds grow easily and prolifically. Simply split garlic bulbs into cloves, plant, and enjoy the following fall. So easy!