Growing Beets

growing beets

Growing Beets Beets are a perfect crop for the backyard or small-scale grower. They are easy to grow (with our tips and tricks), can thrive in small spaces, and are best tasting when fresh from the garden. Growing beets is … Read More

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Gifts for gardeners — that they will actually use — is back for the holidays! Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide will make shopping meaningful, impactful, and fun with unique and valuable gifts to help the gardeners in your life grow … Read More

Organic Patio Pride Pea Seeds

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pea, patio pride

Sweet, tender Patio Pride sugar snap peas mature in just 40 days! Compact vines are ideal for containers or small spaces. Peas are best grown in the cooler months with a trellis for support. Succession plant for a season-long harvest!

Cipollini Red Onion Seeds

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onion, cipolinni

Cipollini Red Onion seeds produce small, red, flattened bulbs that can be eaten raw or cooked. This Italian heirloom is a short day length variety popular for its small size, firm texture, and mild flavor. Wonderfully sweet when cooked; great for slicing and pickling too.

Vegetable Container Size Chart

Vegetable Container Size Chart

Use our Vegetable Container Size Chart (included within the body of this post below) to finally know what pot sizes you need for the vegetables you are planting. No more guessing! For new gardeners, especially those growing in pots and containers … Read More

Spring Planting 2022

Vegetables & Herbs                                                           Flowers               … Read More

Organic Lutz Green Leaf Beet Seeds

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Beet, Lutz

Lutz Green Leaf beet is prized for it’s excellent winter storage qualities. With large sweet roots and succulent greens, this beet is so tasty eaten raw, cooked, or pickled.

Organic Chioggia Beet Seeds

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Chioggia Beets

An Italian heirloom variety, the Chioggia beet is beautiful with an excellent sweet flavor. Its sliced roots reveal a gorgeous bulls-eye pattern of alternating white and pinkish-red rings.

Winter Crops for Southern California

Winter Crops for Southern California- Beets

Winter Crops for Southern California Winter can be one of the most pleasurable times to garden in Zones 9 and 10. Even though some significant changes happen in the winter garden, you still can produce tons of yummy food and … Read More

8 Gifts for Gardeners That They Will Actually Use

Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts for gardeners — that they will actually use — makes shopping meaningful, impactful, and fun! In today’s world of excess, it should be more appropriate to gift items that people need and will use. Gifts for gardeners should include … Read More

Organic Boro Beet Seeds

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beet, boro

Boro beet seeds produce tender and juicy roots bursting with outstanding sweet and balanced flavor; their greens grow quickly for use in the kitchen. This fast-growing and uniform hybrid beet was an absolute star on our farm. If you love beets, Boro beet seeds will not disappoint!

Cool Season Garden Seed Collection

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cool season collection

The Cool Season Garden Seed Collection is a wonderful way to add variety to your garden. This 5-pack seed combo includes four tasty vegetables and one flower variety for your cool-season garden. It makes a great gift for yourself or a fellow gardener!

Growing Vegetables in Pots

Growing Vegetables in Pots

Growing Vegetables in Pots: Vegetable Container Gardening for Beginners Growing vegetables does not mean you have to have a massive yard or even a yard at all! You can successfully grow many vegetables in pots. It’s an easy, fun, and … Read More

Red Burgundy Onion Seeds

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Red Burgundy onion is a short day bulbing onion well suited for the Southern California area. Its mild sweet flavor is great for cooking.