Organic Boro Beet Seeds

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Boro beet seeds produce tender and juicy roots bursting with outstanding sweet and balanced flavor; their greens grow quickly for use in the kitchen. This fast-growing and uniform hybrid beet was an absolute star on our farm. If you love beets, Boro beet seeds will not disappoint!

Organic Chioggia Beet Seeds

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An Italian heirloom variety, the Chioggia beet is beautiful with an excellent sweet flavor. Its sliced roots reveal a gorgeous bulls-eye pattern of alternating white and pinkish-red rings. Like all beets, you can plant this root crop year-round in many Southern California gardens.

Organic Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds

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A classic beet with deep red color. Beets are best when grown in light soils that allow them to form their root easily. Compost can help improve your soil structure. If good, light soil is unavailable, grow in a container filled with a light potting mix!

Organic Golden Beet Seeds

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Golden Beets are mild flavored and prized for its color that does not stain! Beets are best when grown in light soils. Compost can help improve your soil structure. If good, light soil is unavailable, grow in a container filled with light potting mix! Beet greens are just as tasty as the roots!

Organic Bulls Blood Beet Seeds

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Bulls Blood beet is a gorgeous beet that is a dual purpose, providing ample beet greens and sweet roots that are great for cooking. The dark red leaves make for great additions in salads and stir-fry dishes. Beets are happiest when they are given appropriate spacing and thinned.

Organic Early Wonder Beet Seeds

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Early Wonder beet is an early producing variety with deep red and purple leaves and dark red bulbs. This particular variety of beet is grown for its colorful leaves and beautiful dark centers. Early Wonder is excellent to plant in shorter seasons since it produces in only 50 days.

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Cool Season Garden Seed Collection

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The Cool Season Garden Seed Collection is a wonderful way to add variety to your garden. This 5-pack seed combo includes four tasty vegetables and one flower variety for your cool-season garden. It makes a great gift for yourself or a fellow gardener!

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Red Burgundy Onion Seeds

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Red Burgundy onion is a short day bulbing onion well suited for the Southern California area. Its mild sweet flavor is great for cooking.

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