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Bulls Blood Beet Seeds


Deep red and purple leaves with dark blood-red roots. Grown as much for their colorful leaves as they are for their dark centers!

Bulls Blood Beet Seeds2020-12-02T19:00:20-08:00

Early Wonder Beet Seeds


Early Wonder beet is an early producing variety with deep red and purple leaves, and dark red bulbs. This particular variety of beet is grown just as much for its colorful leaves as it is for its dark centers. Early Wonder is great to plant in shorter seasons since it produces in only 50 days.

Early Wonder Beet Seeds2020-11-04T09:14:33-08:00

Organic Chiogga Beet Seeds


An Italian heirloom variety, the Chioggia beet is beautiful with a great sweet flavor. It's sliced roots reveal a gorgeous bulls-eye pattern of alternating white and pinkish-red rings. Like all beets, this root crop can be planted year-round in many Southern California gardens.

Organic Chiogga Beet Seeds2020-11-04T09:17:39-08:00

Red Rock Bulbing Onion Seeds


This red onion is ideal for southern growers! This short day onion produces excellent red onions with a sweet, mild flavor. Growers in Zones 9 and 10 can plant these in the fall and let them overwinter.

Red Rock Bulbing Onion Seeds2020-11-19T21:05:19-08:00

Guest Blog: Powdery Mildew in San Diego Gardens


Powdery Mildew in a San Diego Garden Powdery Mildew Guest Blog by Susan Martin Written August 14th 2020 I’m sitting on my front porch writing about the powdery mildew that is overtaking my backyard vegetable garden. It’s expected in the usual susceptible plants grown in my coastal summer garden—tomatoes and the squash,

Guest Blog: Powdery Mildew in San Diego Gardens2020-10-20T11:55:55-07:00

Gold Coin Onion Seeds


Gold Coin seeds grow beautiful flat cipollini onions. Gold Coin onions are intermediate day length onions that perform wonderfully in southern states!

Gold Coin Onion Seeds2020-12-05T08:24:54-08:00

Succession Planting Guide


Succession Planting Guide Do you succession plant? If not, you are missing out on keeping your garden as productive as you can. Succession planting is the simple act of always planting new items in the garden so that when your current plants start to slow on production, you can replant new ones.

Succession Planting Guide2020-11-28T08:30:11-08:00

Torpedo Onion Seeds


Torpedo Onion seeds grow beautiful onions about the size of a large shallot. Torpedo Onions are intermediate day length onions that originated in the Mediterranean climate of Italy. They perform wonderfully in southern states!

Torpedo Onion Seeds2020-12-01T17:57:33-08:00

Starting Seeds Indoors


Starting Seeds Indoors Starting seeds indoors When starting seeds indoors, consider varieties such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, perennials, and some annual flowers. These crops can really benefit from an early start indoors, especially if you live in an area that has short warm seasons.  Starting seeds indoors is particularly helpful for

Starting Seeds Indoors2020-07-20T20:48:08-07:00

Grower’s Library


Grower's Library Read our Growers Library to learn basic to advanced gardening techniques and tips! How to Prune Tomatoes for Production To fully understand how or if you should prune your tomatoes, you need to understand the three types of tomatoes. Determinate tomatoes are tomatoes

Grower’s Library2020-01-14T14:27:54-08:00

Tokyo Onion Seeds


The bunching onion is one of the most important types of onions in Asia and has been grown in China for thousands of years. A versatile and mild flavor makes it a great accompaniment to any dish.

Tokyo Onion Seeds2020-12-04T07:03:15-08:00

Plant Seeds Now for Winter Garden


Plant Seeds Now for Winter Garden August in the garden in San Diego can be a misleading time. It is hot and sometimes muggy. The tomatoes are looking amazing. The melons are ripening.  For most inexperienced gardeners, it’s a bit of a time warp. It feels as though summer will continue

Plant Seeds Now for Winter Garden2018-08-20T13:58:54-07:00

Walla Walla Bulbing Onion Seeds


The Walla Walla white onion is a sweet and intermediate day variety that does well in the southern areas of the United States. This particular variety keeps well and can be left in the ground until needed. Small to medium bulbs are produced. This flavorful white bulbing onion is an important staple to any kitchen.

Walla Walla Bulbing Onion Seeds2020-11-06T17:31:04-08:00

Chard, Fordhook


Fordhook chard is a garden giant that will surprise kids and adults alike with how large it will grow! Its flavor is just as lovable as its size. A kitchen essential!

Chard, Fordhook2020-10-07T18:25:37-07:00

Organic Evergreen Bunching Onion Seeds


These bunching onions are fantastic as green onions that can be added to any recipe. Slow to go to seed and producing in only 65-120 days, these onions are a kitchen garden essential.

Organic Evergreen Bunching Onion Seeds2020-12-03T08:38:07-08:00

Gardening 101


What's your Skill Level? New to seed starting? We can help! Shop Now Gardening Quick Start Guide How to Start a Home Vegetable Garden Edible and Companion Flowers Perennialization Succession Planting Soil and Health Integrated Pest Management Chose from our

Gardening 1012020-07-12T22:43:18-07:00

Understanding Seeds


Contact Us Understanding Seed Terms Heirloom Hybrid Genetically Modified Organisims Organic Shop Now Many resources define heirlooms as “a cultivar that has been grown in earlier periods of human history that are not typically grown in commercial

Understanding Seeds2017-07-25T14:10:35-07:00