Organic Edible Red Leaf Amaranth Seeds

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Red Leaf Amaranth, also called Chinese Spinach, is a beautiful addition to your garden and is and tasty too! The leaves are eaten just like spinach, raw or cooked. What is most impressive is that they keep their color when cooked.

Organic Color Mix Amaranth Seeds

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Can’t choose between our Orange and Burgundy Amaranth? Get them both in this custom mix that your garden and the birds will love! This custom mix of Amaranth seeds produces breathtaking plants with tall spikes of deep Burgundy or Orange. Edible leaves and seeds (grain).

Organic Orange Amaranth Seeds

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This breathtaking plant makes a striking addition to your garden. Tall plants produce large stalks of orange plumes. These plants are sure to add a conversation piece to any garden.

Organic Burgundy Amaranth Seeds

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A breathtaking plant, Burgundy Amaranth makes a striking addition to your garden. Tall plants growing as high as 6 feet produce large stalks of deep burgundy plumes.


Organic Top Hat Sweet Corn Seeds

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This open-pollinated corn came from the late Oregon farmer/breeder/seed grower Jonathan Spero of Lupine Knoll Farm. He spent six years diligently selecting open-pollinated sweet corn that has all the sweetness we love! This corn is great for the gardener and small scale grower. It has good kernel development, great texture, and sweet corn flavor. The Organic Seed Alliance, which has been very helpful for our farm, spearheaded the work behind this great open-pollinated corn variety. 

Organic Rainbow Chard Seeds

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Rainbow chard is a wonderful crop for Southern California. This high-producing, versatile green grows prolifically during the cooler months of the year and beyond. Pick outer leaves frequently without disturbing the roots for continuous harvest. Avoid overhead watering to prevent foliar diseases.

Organic Who Gets Kissed Sweet Corn Seeds

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Who Gets Kissed Sweet Corn was bred for and by organic growers! Sweet ears of corn are about 6-7″ on compact 5-6′ tall plants. Ears have an extended harvest window so check them often. Disease resistant and great for small space growing. All-around incredible corn. Plant in blocks to ensure good pollination.


Organic Double Standard Sweet Corn Seeds

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This super sweet open-pollinated corn is delicious eaten fresh off the cob! Early maturing corn with white and yellow kernels. Ears average 7″ long on vigorous 5′ plants. Planting in blocks allows for good pollination that is essential for corn kernel development. In Southern California, you can succession plant at least two rounds of corn to enjoy all summer long!

Organic Martian Jewels Sweet Corn Seeds

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Martian Jewels Sweet Corn seed produces corn with unique qualities. Stunning purple plants with white cobs and pearl-white kernels are as decorative as they are tasty. Sweet in flavor but not overpowering. We like this corn for making tamales, cornbread, and more! Alan Kapuler bred this amazing variety.


Organic Festivity Sweet Corn Seeds

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Festivity Sweet Corn seed produces yellow cobs with specks of colors and fantastic flavor. The 5-6′ stalks on the Festivity Sweet Corn plant are multi-stalked and produce 2-3 ears of corn per stalk. Bred by the late Jonathan Spero, this corn does well in low fertility gardens and has a wonderful flavor.

Great Lakes Lettuce Seeds

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Great Lakes lettuce seed produces crisp, sweet, and crunchy iceberg lettuce heads that are NOTHING like those from the store. Honestly, most people say iceberg has no flavor, but not when they are eating this variety. It’s our favorite iceberg lettuce, grows well into the warmer months of the spring and can be planted early in the warm months of the fall.


Organic Glass Gem Popcorn Seed

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This corn has become incredibly popular for its stunning colors. Each kernel looks like a perfect glass gem with swirls of colors. This corn was bred from a number of native varieties by Carl “White Eagle” Barnes, the famous Cherokee corn collector. You can make cornmeal or popcorn from these beautiful kernels that grow on sturdy tall 9-foot stalks.

Organic Red Russian Kale Seeds

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Red Russian kale, with its purple veins and frilled leaf edges, is one of the hardiest kale varieties. Like all kales it can be steamed, tossed into salads, baked into kale chips, and more.

Organic Salad Bowl Mix Lettuce Seeds

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Can’t decide on a lettuce? This mix is perfect for your salad bowl! These delicious red and green lettuces are ideal for every grower. Use the “cut and come again” method to enjoy production all season. Simply cut the lettuce 2″ above the ground and watch it regrow!


Painted Mountain Corn Seeds

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Painted Mountain corn is extremely cold and drought-tolerant. Here at our farm, we have put it through the roughest of stress tests with substantial yields. Painted Mountain corn grows about 5′ tall, producing beautiful multicolored ears about 7″ long.