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Royal Carpet Alyssum Seed


Alyssum is a dainty and adorable compact flower for borders and containers. This sweetly fragrant flower makes a great ground cover. Beautiful purple flowers bloom quickly from seed. Can bloom all year in Southern California!

Royal Carpet Alyssum Seed2021-03-04T19:51:42-08:00

White Alyssum Seed


This beautiful low-growing plant has tiny white flowers with a sweet scent. Great as a border plant, this adorable plant will happily re-seed and spread throughout the garden.

White Alyssum Seed2021-03-04T11:00:32-08:00

Organic Nantes Coreless Carrot Seeds


Nantes Coreless is a long-storing carrot that is high yielding and reliable. Blunt, well-filled tips and smooth skins make it a garden favorite! Sturdy 6-8" long roots are bright orange and deliciously sweet! Carrots love loose soil and are easy to grow in a pot if ground soil is too dense. Keep soil moist for

Organic Nantes Coreless Carrot Seeds2021-03-05T09:55:30-08:00

Black Nebula Carrot Seed


Black Nebula is a rare and unique carrot rich in antioxidants and flavor. Dark purple roots grow well in light, fluffy soils. Add compost to improve soil structure. Succession plant carrots every 21 days to ensure a long harvest window.

Black Nebula Carrot Seed2021-03-05T06:18:52-08:00

Purple Sun Carrot Seed


This stunning dark purple carrot looks incredible when freshly picked or on your dinner plate. This hybrid carrot was chosen for its smooth texture, stunning color, and strong upright tops, making them easier to harvest. A great carrot variety for market growers and community gardens looking to produce tons of carrots.

Purple Sun Carrot Seed2021-03-04T11:50:53-08:00

Premier Kale Seed


Premier kale produces massive amounts of dark greens for your family to enjoy. This shorter kale variety is great for containers or raised beds. Keep garden areas weed-free for best plant production. Watch for leaf-eating caterpillars when plants are young. Spray plants with an organic product or row cover for pest control.

Premier Kale Seed2021-03-05T09:26:12-08:00