Royal Carpet Alyssum Seeds

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Alyssum is a dainty and adorable compact flower for borders and containers. This sweetly fragrant flower makes a great ground cover. Beautiful purple flowers bloom quickly from seed. Can bloom all year in Southern California!

White Alyssum Seeds

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This beautiful low-growing plant has tiny white flowers with a sweet scent. Great as a border plant, this adorable plant will happily re-seed and spread throughout the garden.

Dwarf Pink Sweet Alyssum Seeds

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Dwarf Pink Sweet alyssum is dotted with tiny pink and purple flowers. This lovely compact beneficial companion plant can be used as a ground cover or border flower to attract bees and ladybugs.

Organic Marketmore 76 Cucumber Seeds

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Marketmore 76 is a reliable heirloom producer of long, slender cucumbers perfect for slicing! Vigorous vines produce 8–10″ fruits that are sweet and tender. Great for market growers!

Organic Ace 55 Tomato Seeds

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ace 55 tomato

Ace 55 tomato is a favorite heirloom variety for pastes and sauces. This low-acid red tomato remains firm when cooked, making it excellent for canning!

Organic Hillbilly Tomato Seeds

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Hillbilly Tomato

Hillbilly tomato is a beautiful heirloom beefsteak. These incredibly unique and absolutely delicious tomatoes have massive fruits that can weigh 1–2 lbs! Perfect for slicing!


Organic Emerald Fan Lettuce Seeds

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Emerald Fan Lettuce

Emerald Fan lettuce combines the loose-leaf qualities of butterhead with the juicy crunch, upright growing habit, and heat tolerance of romaine lettuce. Great for salads or as a gourmet garnish on your favorite sandwiches.

Mammoth Mix Sweet Pea Seeds

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Mammoth Mix Sweet Pea

Mammoth Mix Sweet Pea is a must for your cut flower garden! Long-stemmed flowers with large ruffled blooms grow well in Southern California’s mild winters.

Russian Banana Seed Potatoes

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Russian Banana Seed Potato

Russian Banana seed potatoes produce early maturing 2–3″ fingerling potatoes. These oblong tan-skinned fingerlings with yellow flesh are a tasty garden treat in late summer and early fall. Grow your own healthy and nutritious crop of potatoes with high-quality, disease-free, certified seed potatoes!