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Royal Carpet Alyssum Seed


Alyssum is a dainty and adorable compact flower for borders and containers. This sweetly fragrant flower makes a great ground cover. Beautiful purple flowers bloom quickly from seed. Can bloom all year in Southern California!

Royal Carpet Alyssum Seed2020-10-30T17:38:19-07:00

White Alyssum Seed


This beautiful low-growing plant has tiny white flowers with a sweet scent. Great as a border plant, this adorable plant will happily re-seed and spread throughout the garden.

White Alyssum Seed2020-12-02T18:55:49-08:00

Dwarf Pink Sweet Alyssum Seeds


Dwarf Pink Sweet alyssum is dotted with tiny pink and purple flowers. This lovely compact beneficial companion plant can be used as a ground cover or border flower to attract bees and ladybugs.

Dwarf Pink Sweet Alyssum Seeds2020-11-09T18:46:43-08:00

Purple Sun Carrot Seed


This stunning dark purple carrot looks incredible when freshly picked or on your dinner plate. This hybrid carrot was chosen for its smooth texture, stunning color, and strong upright tops, making them easier to harvest. A great carrot variety for market growers and community gardens looking to produce tons of carrots.

Purple Sun Carrot Seed2020-11-24T19:53:05-08:00

Calypso Cilantro Seed


This variety of cilantro is bulky and full of the tasty foliage you love!  Cilantro grows best in the coolest months of the year in Southern California.  Continual harvest will slow its desire to go to flower.  Allow beneficial insects to enjoy the plant once it goes to flower.  Use shade cloth to extend the

Calypso Cilantro Seed2020-12-02T16:31:48-08:00

Carmel Spinach Seeds


This hybrid spinach is extremely quick-growing, ready in only 25 days! Upright plants are easy to harvest and have disease resistance. Carmel is a great choice for market growers or those who use tons of spinach in the kitchen.

Carmel Spinach Seeds2020-12-03T12:34:31-08:00

Rainbow Carrot Seed


Our Rainbow carrot seeds are a gardener favorite! This mix of rainbow-colored carrots is for you! Carrots love loose soil and can be easily grown in a pot if ground soil is too dense. Keep soil moist for the best germination possible. Succession plant for continued harvest.

Rainbow Carrot Seed2020-12-03T10:52:38-08:00

Butterfly Garden Seed Mix


Our Butterfly Garden seed mix is a blend of wildflower seed contains varieties well-suited for the Southwest. Beautiful colorful blooms attract butterflies and beneficial insects. Contains Black-Eyed Susan, Butterfly Milkweed, Candytuft, Dwarf Cosmos, Dwarf Godetia, Gayfeather, Illinois Bundleflower, Indian Blanket, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, New England Aster, Pincushion Flower, Purple Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Roundheaded Bush Clover, Shasta

Butterfly Garden Seed Mix2020-10-31T08:38:05-07:00

Heirloom Sweet Pea Mix


This Sweet Pea mix contains all the favorite old-time sweet pea varieties. Selected for the most vibrant and fragrant blooms, this mix will not disappoint. Sweet peas make great cut flowers and can be planted in the fall in mild climates. In colder zones, sweet peas should be started inside and transplanted out after the

Heirloom Sweet Pea Mix2020-10-30T14:55:19-07:00

Knee High Sweet Pea Mix


This sweet pea mix is a semi-dwarf variety that is bushy with a wide range of colors and hues. Great for growing in containers! These fragrant and long-lasting cut flowers can be planted in the fall in mild climates and left to overwinter until they bloom in spring. In colder zones, sweet peas should be

Knee High Sweet Pea Mix2020-11-15T13:41:23-08:00

Cucumber, Mark it 8 Dude ORGANIC


During our summer trials and breeding of 2019, we crossed two popular varieties of cucumbers. Marketmore and Straight 8. From this cross came our hilariously named cucumber, Mark it, 8 Dude.

Cucumber, Mark it 8 Dude ORGANIC2020-12-01T11:58:54-08:00

Organic Large Black Cherry Tomato Seeds


Our large black cherry tomatoes are one of a kind! These unique tomatoes are shaped like grape tomatoes with beautiful dark maroon and red colors. A mild tomato with firm flesh. Great for making salsa!

Organic Large Black Cherry Tomato Seeds2020-11-28T17:32:59-08:00

Organic Lucid Gem Tomato Seeds


Lucid Gem tomatoes are one of a kind! Lucid Gem tomatoes are purple on top with red and orange bottoms. The insides of these lusciously flavored tomatoes are almost tie-dyed! A heavy producing tomato on our San Diego farm with exceptional yield even when neglected.  

Organic Lucid Gem Tomato Seeds2020-12-02T01:54:45-08:00

Chantenay Carrot Seed


Chantenay carrots have broad shoulders and blunt ends that make them great carrots for growing in heavy soils. Chantenay carrots are an excellent processing and storage carrot. If you've had trouble growing carrots in hard, heavy soils, this is the one for you!

Chantenay Carrot Seed2020-11-30T10:02:21-08:00

Organic Marianna’s Peace Tomato Seed


Marianna's Peace Tomato seed produces huge, ruby red slicers that remind us of our grandma's favorite tomato. Marianna's Peace tomatoes are slightly acidic and boast that classic tomato flavor.  

Organic Marianna’s Peace Tomato Seed2020-12-01T16:21:47-08:00

Organic Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato Seeds


Our Tasmanian Chocolate tomato seeds are very close to our hearts! We've been producing and improving this variety for years because of its flavor and great growing habit for containers. Tasmanian Chocolate tomatoes are beautifully colored, flavorful, sweet, and great for small spaces. Really a knock out variety!

Organic Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato Seeds2020-11-27T22:30:52-08:00

Organic Taxi Tomato Seeds


Taxi is a determinate yellow tomato that produces tons of small to medium-sized yellow tomatoes. Taxi tomato is a super mildly flavored tomato and an excellent container variety choice.

Organic Taxi Tomato Seeds2020-11-09T18:08:44-08:00

Organic Sweet Marjoram Seeds


Sweet Marjoram is an incredibly flavored herb and medicinal plant similar to oregano but sweeter. Sweet Marjoram grows as a happy perennial in zones 9 and 10 and a hardy perennial in other areas. Sweet Marjoram has edible flowers and foliage and attracts beneficial insects.  

Organic Sweet Marjoram Seeds2020-11-29T16:24:13-08:00

Holy Basil Kapoor Tulsi Seeds


Kapoor Tulsi or Holy basil is a flavorful herb and one of our favorite varieties of basil. Use fresh or dried in an array of medicinal and culinary applications. We love it freshly picked in tea with a sprig of mint.

Holy Basil Kapoor Tulsi Seeds2020-12-02T18:58:04-08:00

Black Magic Kale Seed


Black Magic Kale seed produces kale similar to Lacinato kale, but its flavor is one of the mildest kales we've ever had on the farm! Black Magic kale produced well into the summer on our trial farm without getting bitter. This variety is really impressive for its long-lasting productivity, flavor, and disease/pest resistance. All around,

Black Magic Kale Seed2020-12-01T12:22:54-08:00

Organic Slow Bolt Cilantro Seed


This cilantro variety is strong and pungent with slow bolting characteristics perfect for San Diego. It will continue to produce throughout the season if allowed to reseed.

Organic Slow Bolt Cilantro Seed2020-12-01T22:44:32-08:00

Japanese Black Trifele Tomato Seeds


Japanese Black Trifele tomato seeds produce an unusual pear-shaped tomato with incredible sweetness. Japanese Black Trifele Tomato seeds produce potato leafed plants that are indeterminate and can produce tomatoes for an extended period in Zones 9 and 10. An excellent fresh eating tomato.

Japanese Black Trifele Tomato Seeds2020-11-26T17:04:10-08:00

Gold Nugget Tomato Seeds


Gold Nugget Tomato seeds produce prolific amounts of early tomatoes that are golden and delicious! Gold Nugget Tomato seeds were introduced by Dr. James Baggett of Oregon State University. This determinate plant will provide tons of fruit that are well-balanced in flavor. They are great for adding color to baskets of tomatoes sold at markets.

Gold Nugget Tomato Seeds2020-12-02T16:31:48-08:00

Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato Seed


Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato Seeds produces large indeterminate plants that bear the most STUNNING colors. They look like they are tie-dyed. These tasty beefsteak tomatoes are flavorful and so fun to grow! Berkeley Tie Dye tomato seed is highly sought after by tomato fanatics.

Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato Seed2020-12-02T17:10:00-08:00

Chocolate Stripes Tomato Seed


Chocolate Stripes Tomato seed produces large indeterminate plants that bear the most beautiful and tasty beefsteak tomatoes. Large maroon fruits have chocolate and green stripes that make it just as beautiful as it is tasty! Chocolate Stripes tomato seed is highly sought after by tomato fanatics. This tomato is the winner of many tomato-tasting contests

Chocolate Stripes Tomato Seed2020-11-27T17:52:31-08:00

Tiny Tim Tomato Seeds


Tiny Tim Tomato seeds produce adorably small plants that produce incredible yields for such a tiny plant. Tiny, sweet, and fun to eat! A great choice for gardeners with small growing spaces!

Tiny Tim Tomato Seeds2020-12-02T17:10:00-08:00

Red Sails Lettuce Seed


Red Sails Lettuce seed produces beautiful, delicate red and green heads of lettuce that are great for harvesting as whole heads or cutting for loose leaf. We fell in love with Red Sails lettuce and carry this seed because it outproduced many other similar heirloom varieties in our on-farm trials. Red Sails lettuce is mild,

Red Sails Lettuce Seed2020-11-30T11:48:41-08:00

Little Gem Lettuce Seed


Little Gem Lettuce Seed produces the cutest little butterhead lettuces with the qualities of romaine lettuce. Almost single-serve in size, these crunchy and buttery lettuces are great for small spaces. They do great in containers and can be succession planted for fresh lettuce all season long.  

Little Gem Lettuce Seed2020-11-30T15:10:51-08:00

Great Lakes Lettuce Seed


Great Lakes lettuce seed produces crisp, sweet, and crunchy iceberg lettuce heads that are NOTHING like those from the store. Honestly, most people say iceberg has no flavor, but not when they are eating this variety. It's our favorite iceberg lettuce, grows well into the warmer months of the spring and can be planted early

Great Lakes Lettuce Seed2020-12-02T22:07:27-08:00

Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce Seed


Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce seed produces beautiful red and green lettuce that is extremely succulent and buttery. We trialed Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce seed on our farm in the fall of 2019 and we were thrilled with its beauty, resistance, and flavor. All-around fantastic lettuce that is so beautiful in the garden, it

Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce Seed2020-12-03T10:38:11-08:00

Organic Chadwick’s Cherry Tomato Seeds


Chadwick's Cherry tomato is a climbing tomato that produces heavy crops of 1-ounce tomatoes on sturdy vines. Chadwick's Cherry Tomato was named after its creator, Alan Chadwick, a master gardener and early influencer of organic techniques.

Organic Chadwick’s Cherry Tomato Seeds2020-11-10T12:15:11-08:00

Organic Jaune Flamme Tomato Seeds


Juane Flamme tomato is similar to our large red cherry but with a brighter flavor profile and even larger fruits! This reliable variety has 4-5 oz fruits that hang in neat clusters making harvest a breeze. This prolific and disease resistant tomato is great for both market growers and home gardeners. Indeterminate.

Organic Jaune Flamme Tomato Seeds2020-12-01T10:10:13-08:00

Organic All Season Cabbage Seeds


This durable cabbage produces wonderfully in less than ideal conditions. All-Season Cabbage is a great cabbage for Southern California and can produce well in warm winters. Medium-sized heads.

Organic All Season Cabbage Seeds2020-12-01T19:24:52-08:00

Organic Muncher Cucumber Seed


This Muncher cucumber variety produces loads of small cucumbers that can be eaten fresh or pickled. A perfect snacking cucumber that is not likely to even make it to the kitchen!

Organic Muncher Cucumber Seed2020-12-01T13:51:12-08:00

Organic Jericho Lettuce Seed


Jericho romaine lettuce was bred in Israel resulting in amazing qualities that are great for Southern California growers. Jericho romaine lettuce is heat tolerant, easy to grow, and does well in our hot falls and winters. Crispy and slightly sweet, it's perfect for the salad lover!

Organic Jericho Lettuce Seed2020-12-02T09:20:28-08:00

Organic Tendergreen Cucumber Seed


This flavorful and smooth slicing cucumber produces loads of cucumbers for you to enjoy! Tendergreen cucumber fruits are smooth (burpless) and sweet. No need to peel the fruit!

Organic Tendergreen Cucumber Seed2020-12-02T17:09:59-08:00

Ethiopian Kale ORGANIC


Similar to kale, this green is a garden rock star! It's mildly flavored, versatile, and thrives in Southern California gardens. Ethiopian kale is a must in your garden!

Ethiopian Kale ORGANIC2020-12-01T08:44:34-08:00

Champion Collard Seeds


Collards are a classic American green, and so tasty! Cooked with herbs and garlic, they go great in many recipes. Collards can be grown year round in many mild areas of zones 9 and 10, but are happiest in the cooler months. Harvest frequently for tender leaves.  

Champion Collard Seeds2020-11-28T20:49:25-08:00

Organic Lemon Basil Seeds


Lemon Basil is fragrant, flavorful and a great addition in savory and sweet dishes alike! Basil should be grown with proper spacing for the most robust plant. Pinch off flowers to keep the plant in a vegetative state and get the most foliage you can! Once it has gone to flower, let the beneficial insects

Organic Lemon Basil Seeds2020-12-02T18:58:04-08:00

Organic Wapsipinicon Peach Tomato Seeds


Wapsipinicon Peach tomatoes are a favorite among tomato fanatics. Plants produce round yellow fruits with slightly fuzzy skins. A heavy producer of sweet, well-balanced fruits. Indeterminate.

Organic Wapsipinicon Peach Tomato Seeds2020-12-01T19:24:52-08:00

Organic Costoluto Genovese Tomato Seeds


This deeply ribbed tomato is prized for its excellent flavor. An Italian favorite used for fresh eating and preserving. It is popular among chefs for its robust flavor and high acidity. A great tomato for dry climates. Indeterminate tomato. 

Organic Costoluto Genovese Tomato Seeds2020-11-29T17:50:51-08:00

Integrated Pest Management?


Integrated Pest Management? What is Integrated Pest Management? It is a way to look at and think about your choices in pest control in your garden. For our certified organic farm, it's the way we make concise plans on how to manage a particular pest. Here are the basic steps: 1-

Integrated Pest Management?2020-04-04T14:02:16-07:00

Organic Finn River Sweet Pea Seeds


This variety of sweet peas came to us from our friends in Oregon. After trialing them in the fall of 2017 with amazing results, we decided to produce the seed for our customers. These sweet peas have dainty white and pink blooms. They make a stunning bouquet with our Point Loma Pops sweet peas! Grown

Organic Finn River Sweet Pea Seeds2020-11-15T13:41:13-08:00

Organic Point Loma Sweet Pea Seeds


This regionally adapted and locally grown variety of sweet pea came to us from a seed saver in the Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego. She has been growing these stunning sweet peas since 1993 and shared them with us! Point Loma Pops have gorgeous deep, dark purple flowers that are full of fragrance and

Organic Point Loma Sweet Pea Seeds2020-12-01T22:02:03-08:00

Organic Waltham 29 Broccoli Seed


This sturdy variety of broccoli is grown for its side shoots and large heads that form on easy to harvest stocks. Heads can reach 6-7" in size. Waltham 29 broccoli is widely adapted, drought-tolerant, and a great selection to grow for a fall crop. It will continue to produce side shoots after the main head is

Organic Waltham 29 Broccoli Seed2020-12-01T12:49:16-08:00

Organic Sabor Cilantro


Sabor Cilantro is a slow bolting variety that has finer stems and milder flavor than our "Leisure" variety. You will fall in love with cilantro after growing this variety. This seed was grown and selected for drought and heat tolerance on our San Diego certified organic farm.

Organic Sabor Cilantro2020-11-10T15:09:07-08:00

Grower’s Library


Grower's Library Read our Growers Library to learn basic to advanced gardening techniques and tips! How to Prune Tomatoes for Production To fully understand how or if you should prune your tomatoes, you need to understand the three types of tomatoes. Determinate tomatoes are tomatoes

Grower’s Library2020-01-14T14:27:54-08:00

Organic Scarlet Nantes Carrot Seeds


Our Scarlet Nantes carrots are selected specifically for their productivity in the less than desirable soils of the American southwest. This particular variety is a classic carrot that produces tasty, reliable carrots. Ready in only 65-75 days, this finely flavored carrot does well as a bunching carrot and as a storage carrot.  

Organic Scarlet Nantes Carrot Seeds2020-12-01T21:03:54-08:00

Organic Red Russian Kale Seed


Red Russian kale, with its purple veins and frilled leaf edges, is one of the hardiest kale varieties. Like all kales it can be steamed, tossed into salads, baked into kale chips, and more.

Organic Red Russian Kale Seed2020-11-29T19:55:17-08:00

Organic Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds


After years of trialing eggplant varieties, we fell in love with this ageless heirloom. We love it for its production, consistently sized fruit, and the ability to create huge canopies that shade out weeds.

Organic Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds2020-11-11T16:00:58-08:00

Organic Basil Variety Mix Seeds


Love all Basil Varieties?  Enjoy Our organic Basil Variety Mix. It has all our organic basil varieties and all the varieties you love!

Organic Basil Variety Mix Seeds2020-12-03T10:52:38-08:00

Organic Purple Opal Basil Seeds


Purple Opal Basil stuns with gorgeous purple leaves that add color to every dish. A great addition to your pollinator garden once it flowers!

Organic Purple Opal Basil Seeds2020-12-01T12:29:38-08:00

Aubervilliers Cabbage Seed


Aubervilliers Cabbage is gorgeous and amazingly flavored. Found frequently in French markets, there is a good reason why we should be seeing these more markets in Southern California. Named after the area of its traditional cultivation, Plain of Aubervilliers in France, it dates back to the turn of the century. Heads are about 3 lbs

Aubervilliers Cabbage Seed2020-11-04T12:18:36-08:00

Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce Seed


This heirloom variety of romaine lettuce has strong attributes suitable for both commercial growing and backyard gardening.  Enjoy perfectly shaped romaine leaves and crisp, juicy flavor!

Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce Seed2020-12-02T17:09:59-08:00

Organic Black Knight Tatsoi Seeds


A dark green tatsoi that is finely flavored. Black Knight is spoon-shaped, thick, and compact. Like all tatsoi, it has a high vitamin content. This fuss-free plant produces copious amounts of spoon-shaped greens that are essential to many Asian recipes.

Organic Black Knight Tatsoi Seeds2020-12-03T12:34:31-08:00

Organic Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce


Black Seeded Simpson is classic lettuce with great cultivation and eating qualities. Ruffled leaves are tender and delicately flavored. For more than 150 years this lettuce has been a favorite.

Organic Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce2020-12-02T22:07:27-08:00

Organic Mammoth Melting Snow Pea Seed


Mammoth Melting peas produce sweet and tender 5 inch pods appropriate for CSA and commercial farms as well as backyard gardening. Pods are uniform and tender, and the plant is resistant to wilt. Plant in fall or early spring in Southern California and warm climates.

Organic Mammoth Melting Snow Pea Seed2020-12-02T17:10:00-08:00

Organic San Marzano Tomato Seeds


What an incredible tomato! A great year-round tomato that even can be grown in the wintertime in milder parts of San Diego and Southern California. As a semi-determinate tomato, it provides pounds and pounds of plum tomatoes in a small space—great for making sauces and salsa!

Organic San Marzano Tomato Seeds2020-12-02T02:32:14-08:00

Shirley Mix Poppy Seeds


Our Shirley poppy seed mix has both single and double blooms in every color of the rainbow! This poppy seed mix is a wonderful addition to wildflower and meadow gardens. Poppies grow best in cool, wet weather. In Southern California, it is best to plant poppy seeds before seasonal rains. Seeds can be directly sown

Shirley Mix Poppy Seeds2020-11-12T13:21:55-08:00

Cabbage, Mammoth Red Rock


The perfectly shaped, small compact heads of Mammoth Red Rock cabbage are great for urban farmers! This open-pollinated purple heirloom variety has many valuable characteristics. Harvest the head when smaller or let it get quite large!

Cabbage, Mammoth Red Rock2020-11-04T12:19:19-08:00

Romanesco Cauliflower Seeds


Is this food, art, or both?  We love Romanesco cauliflower for its amazing spiral-shaped head. It will wow every gardener!

Romanesco Cauliflower Seeds2020-12-03T12:30:13-08:00



Plant Life cycles Gardening Terms at a Glance Annual: A plant that only lives for a single season. During this season the plant carries out it's complete biological process. That process involves, living, flowering, going to seed and then dying. Biennial: A flowering plant that takes two years to


Dwarf Siberian Kale Seeds


This Siberian kale is small and compact making it perfect for growing in small places. This leafy green is nutritious and essential to every garden. Sauté or wilt to improve flavor giving it a mild finish.

Dwarf Siberian Kale Seeds2020-11-06T16:44:07-08:00

Florence Fennel Seeds


A native of Italy, this perennial can be used as a vegetable, herb, and spice. As a vegetable, use the plant's spreading bulbous base for a texture much like celery, but with a subtle anise flavor.

Florence Fennel Seeds2020-12-02T09:11:56-08:00

Rosa Bianca Eggplant Seeds


This tender heirloom annual is an Italian variety with a mild flavor and creamy consistency. Because of the superb flavor of the fruit, this variety is considered gourmet.

Rosa Bianca Eggplant Seeds2020-11-29T11:01:45-08:00

Organic White Vienna Kohlrabi Seeds


This variety of Kohlrabi has a mild turnip flavor with tender flesh. Many different recipes can be used for such a versatile garden vegetable.

Organic White Vienna Kohlrabi Seeds2020-12-01T19:24:52-08:00

Copenhagen Early Market Cabbage Seed


This blonde, short season cabbage has a ball-shaped head that weighs 4 to 5 pounds. Many love this variety for delicious sauerkraut paired with corned beef, or in Grandma's famous coleslaw recipe.

Copenhagen Early Market Cabbage Seed2020-12-03T10:52:38-08:00

Broccoli, Early Fall Rapini


Early Fall Rapini is an Italian variety of broccoli that produces smaller shoots of broccoli heads perfect for salad and veggie dishes. With a spicier flavor than most broccoli, this early producing variety bolts more quickly than others to give you a speedy harvest.

Broccoli, Early Fall Rapini2020-11-04T11:22:43-08:00

Organic Tendersweet Carrot Seed


Tendersweet carrots are prized for their long roots and sweet flavor. Carrots love loose soil and can be easily grown in a pot if ground soil is too dense. We recommend this variety for beginning gardeners. Keep soil moist for best germination possible. Succession plant for a continued harvest.

Organic Tendersweet Carrot Seed2020-11-25T10:59:16-08:00

Little Finger Carrot Seed


An ultra-sweet baby carrot, Little Fingers carrot is tiny and perfect for snacking and cooking. Small, tender, and sweet, these carrots are a must-have in your garden. Add Little Fingers carrots to recipes or eat fresh. Fun for picnics!

Little Finger Carrot Seed2020-11-19T14:34:14-08:00

Organic Red Acre Cabbage Seeds


This purple, highly nutritious cabbage has a ball-shaped head that weighs 4 to 5 pounds. Many love this variety for delicious sauerkraut.

Organic Red Acre Cabbage Seeds2020-12-03T12:30:13-08:00

Organic Indigo Rose Tomato Seeds


This medium-sized specialty tomato is an indeterminate variety. Tasty, dark-colored fruits of about 1-2” are grown in clusters, each ripening at different periods for a long season of harvesting.

Organic Indigo Rose Tomato Seeds2020-12-02T16:31:48-08:00

Roma Tomato Seeds


Roma tomatoes are the standard canning and paste tomato. Vigorous compact vines produce large harvests of about 3" long pear-shaped fruits with few seeds.

Roma Tomato Seeds2020-11-16T18:06:17-08:00

Organic Buttercrunch Lettuce Seed


A crispy favorite, Buttercrunch Bibb Butterhead lettuce provides gardeners with succulent salad greens that melt like butter. A personal favorite on the farm, we love the sweet buttery hearts on these lettuce heads. Buttercrunch Bibb Butterhead lettuce is a reliable producer with disease-resistant qualities and outstanding flavor.

Organic Buttercrunch Lettuce Seed2020-11-06T17:04:18-08:00

Sugar Snap Pea Seed


Crisp and sweet, everyone knows the pleasure of snap peas. This American original variety is a popular market pea because of its production and crispiness. Produces in only 70 days.

Sugar Snap Pea Seed2020-12-03T10:05:44-08:00

Organic Snowball Cauliflower Seeds


This versatile and early cauliflower produces large tight heads of white cauliflower. Succession plant for repeat production all season long.

Organic Snowball Cauliflower Seeds2020-12-02T17:09:59-08:00
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