Organic Ace 55 Tomato Seeds

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ace 55 tomato

Ace 55 tomato is a favorite heirloom variety for pastes and sauces. This low-acid red tomato remains firm when cooked, making it excellent for canning!

Organic Hillbilly Tomato Seeds

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Hillbilly Tomato

Hillbilly tomato is a beautiful heirloom beefsteak. These incredibly unique and absolutely delicious tomatoes have massive fruits that can weigh 1–2 lbs! Perfect for slicing!


Organic Dark Star Zucchini Seeds

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Dark Star Zucchini

This unique zucchini is grown for its “open habit” which makes it easier to locate any hidden zucchini and harvest regularly. We are happy to offer this interesting and prolific zucchini, a rare variety produced by our friends at Feral Farm.

Organic Magic Bullet Tomato Seeds

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Magic Bullet Tomatoes

Created by a small-scale breeder crossing several heirloom varieties, this stunning tomato produces bite-size, blueish-black plum-shaped fruits with an outstanding and uniquely complex flavor.

Organic Sweet Chocolate Tomato Seeds

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Sweet Chocolate

Sweet Chocolate tomato is an indeterminate variety loaded with sweetly flavored chocolate-colored fruit clusters weighing about 2.5 ounces each—a firm tomato with a good shelf life.

Anaheim Chili Pepper Seeds

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Anaheim Pepper

Anaheim chili peppers produce continuously throughout the growing season. Mildly hot green fruits turn deep red when ripe, measuring 500 and up on the Scoville scale. This pepper is ideal for recipes needing a touch of heat!

Understanding Types of Seeds

Understanding Types of Seeds

When you decide to grow from seed, one of the more important decisions you make is choosing between different types of seeds — heirloom, hybrid, organic and GMO seeds. We’ve outlined below what we mean by these terms so you can … Read More

Organic Nantes Coreless Carrot Seeds

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Scarlet nantes Carrots

Nantes Coreless is a long-storing carrot that is high yielding and reliable. Blunt, well-filled tips and smooth skins make it a garden favorite! Sturdy 6-8″ long roots are bright orange and deliciously sweet!

Planting Seeds for Beginners

seedlings-planting seeds for beginners

Planting Seeds for Beginners Planting seeds in your own vegetable garden might sound like a difficult task but the age-old tradition is probably easier than you think. While in recent generations planting gardens by purchasing “starts” has become very popular, … Read More

Black Nebula Carrot Seeds

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black nebula carrot

Black Nebula is a rare and unique carrot rich in antioxidants and flavor. Dark purple roots grow well in light, fluffy soils. Add compost to improve soil structure. Succession plant carrots every 21 days to ensure a long harvest window.

Organic Mark it 8 Dude Cucumber Seeds

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During our summer trials and breeding of 2019, we crossed two popular varieties of cucumbers. Marketmore and Straight 8. From this cross came our hilariously named cucumber, Mark it, 8 Dude. This highly productive variety is perfect for the pickle jar!

Organic Large Black Cherry Tomato Seeds

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Our large black cherry tomatoes are one of a kind! These unique tomatoes have a grape tomato shape with beautiful dark maroon and red colors. A mild tomato with firm flesh. Great for making salsa!

Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato Seeds

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Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato Seeds produces large indeterminate plants that bear the most STUNNING colors. They look like they are tie-dyed. These tasty beefsteak tomatoes are flavorful and so fun to grow! Berkeley Tie Dye tomato seed is highly sought after by tomato fanatics.