Organic Seed


Organic seed Organic farms and practices are the backbone of our path to a heathier planet. It is obvious to most that the use of harsh petrochemicals and carcinogenic herbicides has lead our agriculture into a dark place.  The march to industrialize agriculture has sucked the life from many

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Heirloom Expo


Heirloom Expo Have you ever dreamed of a place filled with heirloom produce? Like piled up to the ceiling? A place where people LOVE food?  Not just any food but real food grown from heirloom seeds? The wait is over! Come join us at the National Heirloom Expo in

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Plant Seeds Now for Winter Garden


Plant Seeds Now for Winter Garden August in the garden in San Diego can be a misleading time. It is hot and sometimes muggy. The tomatoes are looking amazing. The melons are ripening.  For most inexperienced gardeners, it’s a bit of a time warp. It feels as though summer will continue

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